Staggering Waste Statistics Of The Average Business

With more and more people looking at how eco-friendly a company is before doing business, going green has never been as important. Not only that but reducing waste can by extension lower your operating costs by cutting down on waste management and disposal. So in order to highlight just how bad the waste problem has become, we have put together for you just a few of the statistics.

Loss of trees

Paper is something which is very much central to every business’ operations but are you aware that it accounts for as much as 50% of waste generated by businesses. And with a single tree producing enough oxygen for 3 people but 75,000 trees being needed for the New York Times Sunday edition, it is abundantly clear that paper waste reduction needs implementation sooner rather than later.

Food waste

With certain parts of the globe experiencing extreme hunger, it is shocking to say that approximately 1.3 billion tonnes of food produced globally goes to waste. Kickstarting greener lifestyles at work with initiatives such as donating healthy, unopened food or having a composting plan for recycling of food scraps will go a long way in not only reducing waste but promoting your business as an eco-friendly brand.

Plastic pollution

When it comes to plastic waste, the dangers to the environment cannot be understated with 79% of the 8.3 billion metric tonnes ever produced being in landfills or elsewhere around the world. With figures like that it’s safe to say that human and animal life is very much in danger if habits do not change. And we at LokaBee are taking that challenge head-on by offering you products that will safeguard our planet and have your business running green.

Individual waste generation

The data available on waste generation shows that the average American produces over 4 pounds of waste per day with the numbers for the entire nation surpassing a staggering 200 million tons each year. Only 30% of recyclable waste is being recycled and with tons of non-recyclables such as coffee cups being used, it is critical for businesses to become more environmentally-conscious and strive for zero-waste alternatives.

Landfills sprouting everywhere

With all the waste being generated, there are thousands of landfills dotted around the United States. The environmental consequences are grave with toxic substances and liquids from waste breaking down polluting the soils and water. Climate change is also a massive issue with 148 million metric tons of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere in 2014 from U.S landfills. Our environment is under serious threat and waste-reducing measures cannot be implemented soon enough.

Inspired to start being environmentally-conscious?

The world is changing and for our sake and that of the environment, choosing a greener lifestyle is the best decision for all moving forward.

LokaBee prides itself on sourcing and selling environmentally-friendly products to families and businesses looking to make a transition to being more environmentally conscious. We are your one-stop shop and marketplace of green products.

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