How To Avoid Everyday Plastic Use At Home

Are you in need of inspiration on how to avoid using plastic at home?

Each and every one of us has a role they can play in creating a greener, better planet not only for ourselves but for future generations. Every little effort counts and together we can make great strides towards protecting our environment. Here are six great ideas to help you and your family start your journey to leading an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Use Plastic-free Containers

Instead of the conventional plastic containers one can switch to metal jars and glass containers to store sugar, flour, grains and other products in your kitchen. In addition to being better for the environment glass containers are easier to clean and will not contaminate your food with harmful chemicals. Another idea would be to replace the countless plastic bottles used for beverages with a really nice drinking bottle that you can comfortably and stylishly carry with you everywhere!

Upcycle Items and Re-purpose Them

Recycling is a great way of dealing with plastic but upcycling is another fantastic option that allows your family to create alternative uses for plastic. Take laundry detergent bottles for example, they can be turned into scoops for use in the garden, or used plastic bottles which can find new use as cups for pens, pencils and office supplies. This can prove to be a great way to get your creative juices flowing as well as having fun activities to do with the children.

Avoid Food Packaged in Plastic

Another excellent way for drastically reducing the amount of plastic you end up with in your home is by not purchasing food packaged in plastic, and not packing children’s lunch in plastic containers. Develop a habit of purchasing loose fruit and vegetables that you can then pack yourself into reusable containers and grocery bags. Also, getting products like rice, beans and cereal from bulk bins also allows you to avoid plastic packaging while potentially saving yourself a few dollars. Win win!

Get Creative in the Kitchen

Going into your kitchen and learning to make your own meals and beverages may seem daunting at first for some, but it’s perfectly doable and not to mention healthy. You can start by buying fresh fruit to make your own juice and cut out the sodas. Learning to bake your own bread and rolls would be fun as well. You may even be inspired to take a cooking class, so come on get started!

Keep an Eye Out for Alternatives

When trying to cut down on purchasing plastic one really good place to look for alternatives is online retailers like LokaBee. You will find plenty of products that do not come in plastic packaging such as soap and toothpaste. It’s definitely worth checking out, good for the environment and equally good for your health.

Reduce, Recycle and Shop Smart

Having employed the above ideas to reduce and/or reuse plastic, it would also be a great idea to find out about recycling initiatives within your community. That way you can work on a greener lifestyle as a family.  To find out more about incredible eco-friendly products for your home as well as your business, check out our amazing online store.

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