Finding the Best Green Products from Local Sellers

Recent research has shown that more than 50% of consumers would be willing to pay more for eco-friendly products. This should hardly be surprising as the environmental problems we face become more apparent. As consumer interest in green products grows, businesses need to adapt to the market. They need to show consumers through their actions that they care for the environment. But with several companies having been accused of greenwashing, falsely claiming/implying that a product is eco-friendly, consumers need to be aware. So how do you go about sourcing green products from local sellers near you?  

Avoiding greenwashing

If you want genuine green products then you’ll need to spend a little extra time researching. Rather than simply trusting the information on a label, a simple Google search can tell you what the media is saying about a particular company and its products. It can also direct you towards social media platforms and online forums that talk about certain products. From there, you can pick up information that will lead you to reliable green retailers such as LokaBee. Also, you should check products for official certifications such as USDA Organic Seal, Energy Star, Forest Stewardship Council, and Green Seal. Doing this should help you verify whether or not a product is what it claims to be.  

Local supermarket

After having done your research, the first place you can check for green products is in your local supermarket. With your information at hand, it’s a lot easier to check for genuine eco-friendly products. Carefully go over the labels and product information before making your purchases. 

Visit the farmers market

Getting your produce at the local farmers market is a great way of supporting your local economy. Not only that but you are guaranteed to get quality, fresh produce. Moreover, the produce you buy has likely traveled less than 50miles so this helps to significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Another great benefit is that you will find organic products at better prices than what you’d get at the supermarket. 

Green construction

Going green can extend even to the house you live in. Nowadays you can have green builders such as Shea Homes, Pulte Homes, or Centex Homes build your home. However, if you want to check out local builders near you, you can verify their green credentials using platforms such as US Green Building Council, Green Builders Directory, or Green Real Estate. In this way, you not only fill up your home with green products but the building itself becomes an environmentally-friendly product.

Eco-friendly electronics

Electronic gadgets are the source of a significant amount of waste. Once our mobile devices, laptops, or other gadgets are worn out, we tend to replace them. But the biggest challenge is that we cannot completely eliminate e-waste. So it falls on us to search for eco-friendly products. These products should be made of materials that reduce e-waste and protect the environment. A little research shows that companies like Lenovo and Asus are now manufacturing eco-friendly laptops. Therefore, if you can find local retailers carrying these products your green practices will go a long way.  

Switching to green

Green practices are no longer the preserve of a few environmentally-conscious people. The effects of our actions affect all people across the globe. And that’s why it’s crucial to make the switch to using green products. As well as being more responsible individuals, we will safeguard the planet for future generations. So it’s time we turned to retailers like LokaBee for the collective good. LokaBee prides itself on sourcing and selling environmentally-friendly products to families and businesses looking to make a transition to being more environmentally conscious. We are your one-stop shop and marketplace of green products.

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