Everything You Need To Know About Biodegradable Plastics

Are you thinking of making the switch from polymer plastics to biodegradable ones?

That’s a great move on your part, and one that we here at LokaBee fully support.

Making the switch to biodegradable plastic is a great way to help reduce the plastic waste problem we’re currently facing.  It can also be good for your health and may even protect you from consuming microplastic as evidenced by some studies which claim that one in every two people on earth may have microplastic particles in their body!

We understand that not everyone is familiar with biodegradable plastics, and may even be wondering what some of the major differences are between regular plastics and biodegradable options. Here is everything you need to know about biodegradable plastics.

What Are Biodegradable Plastics Made Of?

This is probably the most important matter on the table where these plastics are concerned. This is the pivotal point that sets them apart. The chief reason people should buy them in the first place. Biodegradable plastics are fabricated from natural materials. In a nutshell this means that biodegradable plastics are simply made of renewable raw materials.

How Are Biodegradable Plastics Made?

Unlike conventional plastic made from toxic chemical fillers, biodegradable plastics are made from all-natural plant-based materials such as plant oils, starch, and plant fibers. The resulting products are easy to decompose when the temperature and humidity conditions are convenient. The first step in the fabrication of biodegradable plastics is the melting down of the natural materials. The liquid mixture is then transferred to different molds to make various products.

What Are The Types Of Biodegradable Plastics Available?

There are two major forms of biodegradable plastic available which are namely solid and injection molded plastics. The molded biodegradable plastic is typically used for fast food takeaway packaging, disposable utensils, cosmetic packaging, surgical mesh and even sutures. The solid forms make products such as leaf collection waste bags, water bottles, and food containers.

What Are The Real Differences Between Biodegradable Plastics And Traditional Plastics?

We’ve seen that traditional plastics are made of chemical fillers which are toxic when released into the environment. What compounds the problem of traditional plastics is the fact that these plastics contain carbon, which is subsequently released back into the atmosphere as methane or other harmful pollutants when the regular plastics are burnt, exacerbating an already complex global carbon emission problem. Biodegradable plastics don’t pose any of these threats because they do not contain chemical fillers and no carbon is used in the manufacturing process.

Where To Buy Biodegradable Plastics?

LokaBee is a leading online retailer that sells eco-friendly products. We have environmentally-friendly products in store ranging from biodegradable food packaging, waste bags, utensils and more. Browse through our extensive product catalogue and see what products you can swap out with an eco-friendly solution in your home or business setting today. Don’t see something that you want? Don’t hesitate to let us know!

What products do you use regularly that are made from biodegradable plastics? Let us know in the comments!

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