5 Tips For Getting Kids Excited About Sustainability

Keen to get your kids involved in the green movement?

This is a noble undertaking and worthy of commendation. Children are the future leaders of tomorrow. They are also the ones who will inherit our planet, in whatever state that we leave it in. We owe it to the next generation to teach them to also safeguard the Earth and live as sustainably as they possibly can.

Here are some of the best ways to get kids excited about sustainability.

1. Teach about sustainability through activities and games

All work and no play really does make children dull. And topics as complex as climate change and sustainability need to be tackled with great tact where children are concerned. Depending on their ages you can introduce them to games and activities that center around these two topics. Printing pictures of an Earth depleted of trees that needs to be colored in for example is another example of teaching kids about sustainability.

2. Take them out into nature and explore the great outdoors

It is very difficult to explain to little ones the idea that one day certain landmarks will have disappeared because of rising sea levels. The best way to help them understand is by taking them out into nature and exploring the great outdoors with them, and then posing questions such as, ‘Do you know that one day this beautiful place may all be underwater?’ This will get them asking questions and you can take the opportunity to explain climate change and the small ways in which you as a family can play your part.

3. Take them to recycling centers to learn more about recycling

Perhaps your children are responsible for making sure that the trash is sorted accordingly before being put in the bins. It’s a chore that’s often greeted with much grumbling! However, why not plan a trip down to your local recycling plant in order to teach them why trash needs to be recycled? When children get the opportunity to see for themselves how important their roles are they will take greater interest in issues and matters of sustainability.

4. Reward your children for making green choices

Has your child done anything that benefits the environment in any way? Give them an incentive to want to adopt a greener lifestyle. Reward them with trips to the park, with excursions, and outings to exciting places. If you have a few kids make it a contest. Make it fun and friendly. See who does the most eco-friendly things at the end of each week and give a prize that appeals to your children.

5. Help them cash in on their recycling efforts

Get cash for junk? That’s a great incentive right there to get your children excited about sustainability! By showing them how they can cash in recycled items at the local recycling center you are not only teaching them that money isn’t handed out without effort, but are also teaching them that trash needs to be recycled in a sustainable manner. We bet that after you introduce them to this program you’ll never have to convince them of the benefits of recycling ever again!

Where to send the kids to purchase green products?

If your children are serious about getting started off on the right foot with their green journeys, you might want to encourage them to begin by replacing some of their everyday items with eco-friendly products like the ones we have in store. LokaBee is a proud online retailer of environmentally-friendly products that have been sourced from reputable suppliers.

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