Surprisingly Affordable Ways For Businesses To Go Green

Going green in your business doesn’t have to be expensive.

There are scores of ways in which you and your employees can make the switch to a greener lifestyle in the workplace. Adopting sustainable practices such as switching off unused appliances goes a long way in reducing the environmental impact made by your business. We’ve put together this list of surprisingly affordable ways to go green in your business to show you that it is possible – and won’t cost you much.

1. Switch off, unplug, and replace

It is amazing the number of office workers who leave their computers on in ‘sleep mode’ overnight when they knock off from work each day. Ensure that all computers and peripherals such as scanners and printers have been switched off and even unplugged from the walls. Do a quick office audit and the next time you’re purchasing office supplies replace all electrical appliances with those that are energy efficient.

2. Conduct a business energy audit

How much energy do you use per month and per year in your business? Are you aware of these numbers or so long as you pay your energy bills you couldn’t be bothered to know? Well, if you’re planning on going green, knowing these numbers is important. To find out how much you’re using and how you can reduce the energy your business consumes you’ll have to carry out an energy audit. Once you know the numbers see if you can sign up for green power from your local utility firm.

3. Only purchase Fair Trade coffee

Coffee, the morning kick-starter for most people! Very few people ever stop to ask themselves about where their coffee comes from or how it is sourced. Companies that promote and sell Fair Trade coffee are those that make the effort to ensure that coffee growers in remote areas of the world are compensated adequately for their efforts and that they are helped to farm the coffee in a sustainable manner that doesn’t depreciate the environment.

4. Print less and pay bills online

The rate at which trees are being felled to make paper products is staggering – 3.5 billion to 7 billion trees each year according to a report by While efforts have been made to promote recycling of used paper, we can still do more in this regard. For example, pay bills online whenever the option presents itself. De-register from all services you’re no longer interested in so you don’t get junk mail.

5. Install a water dispenser in the office

With temperatures soaring the world-over, people are encouraged to drink more water. In a bid to stop people from buying bottled water each time, we recommend installing a water dispenser in the office. Plastic waste is one of the biggest problems we’re also facing with more than 60 million plastic bottles ending up in landfills in the United States alone! Play your part by encouraging people to buy a water bottle made from recycled plastic and use this regularly as a refill option instead of buying a new bottle of water every time.

6. Partner up with local green companies

It doesn’t take a lot to find out which other businesses in your area have incorporated green measures in their systems and structures. Partner up with such entities to do more. For example, find the local coffee shops selling Fair Trade coffee, the diners with healthier meal options served in recycled packaging, or even companies that go door-to-door collecting items to recycle.

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