Start Making Your Business Greener With An Environmental Audit

Are you keen to discover how to make your business greener?

One of the very first steps you need to take is to audit your company. After all, you cannot fix what you don’t know needs fixing. Therefore, an environmental audit will highlight key areas that can be altered to ensure that you’re running an eco-compliant company.

Here’s all you need to know about environmental auditing.

The objective of an environmental audit

The objectives of an environmental audit are meant to assist a company in determining its compliance status.

In this way, the company can improve on its environmental performance as well as improve the management of its facilities.

The audit is meant to help raise environmental awareness among staff members while helping to establish an eco-friendly management control system. In addition, the audit can also help protect the company from any potential liabilities.

Benefits of environmental auditing

One of the key benefits surrounding environmental auditing is the improvement in the efficiency of the environmental management system. This helps to ensure that the company is working on its compliance where environmental laws and standards are concerned.

It is worth noting that the government has put strict policies in place to only do business with companies that are compliant, so an environmental audit will aid in meeting partner and stakeholder expectations.

Companies stand to benefit a lot. At the same time, operational inefficiencies are identified and eliminated.

Types of environmental auditing

Where it comes to environmental auditing there are three types of auditing that exist: Environmental Compliance Auditing, Environmental Performance Auditing, and Environmental Financial Auditing.

Environmental Compliance Audit: This audit looks at a company’s internal structures and operations to establish whether the business’ activities are being carried out according to national laws, applicable industry standards, international agreements, and corporate policy.

Environmental Performance Audit: In this audit, the objective is to assess whether a business has achieved its environmental goals as laid down by the government and other environmental organizations.

Environmental Financial Audit: This audit is geared at cross-checking to see whether a company’s environmental costs have been accurately reported.

Carrying out an environmental auditing process

This involves the collection of data, setting out of objectives for the auditing, development of an auditing plan and protocol.

Next is the touring of the business facility with site inspections and collection of evidence. Documents are reviewed and employees are interviewed.

Once this has happened, there will be an evaluation of what was discovered and a report will be written.

Environmental auditing report

What is contained in the environmental auditing report?

An executive summary briefing the reader on what to expect in the document. There is also an introduction, a key outline of the objectives and the scope of the work.

Additionally, what criteria, approach and methodology were used in carrying out the audit are also laid down. The findings and final recommendations are written down as well so the business has an idea of how to improve its systems and operations to meet the compliance needs.

Where to find eco-friendly business products

If you’re keen to get started with your green initiatives, one of the best ways is to take a quick look around your business and identify products you can replace.

The journey of making your business greener can start with something as simple as opting for appliances that are deemed as environmentally friendly – those bearing the Energy Star emblem.

It can also mean buying products that are made in a sustainable manner and sourced from businesses running green practices themselves. LokaBee is the leading online retailer of these green products.

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