How You Can Involve Your Customers In Being Sustainable

Are you aware of the fact that 88% of your customers would like you to help them live more sustainably? So, if you’ve been wondering whether you should involve your customers in your efforts to go green, then the answer is a resounding ‘yes’! And how exactly should you do this? Here are several ideas to draw inspiration from.

1. Free parking for clients who drive hybrid cars

How about rewarding customers who are driving low emission cars with free parking spots? You see, not only does this show that you recognize their own efforts but it makes others aware of their need to be attuned to reducing their carbon emissions. In fact, companies like Whole Foods even went so far as to install 45 electric vehicle charging stations for their customers.

2. Take advantage of social media to generate a buzz

Raise awareness online and encourage customers to share their stories on the measures they are taking to go green. Thus, you can even launch campaigns and contests around environmental matters you’re passionate about. To illustrate, get social media influencers involved, you never know, your campaign just might go viral – and for a good cause at that! Additionally, offer incentives such as discounts for consumers who come through on foot or by bike.

3. Adopt a charity and commit to supporting them

One sure-fire way you can get customers involved is by asking them if they have a favorite charity they would like you to support. Then once you’ve chosen one, work with your customers to do all you can for that charity. This doesn’t have to be anything extra per se. For instance, you can start by simply donating a fraction of your profits to the said charity. Afterward, let your customers know. In our tech-crazed age, ensure you document your good deeds and share them on your social media.

4. Place recycling receptacles strategically in your establishment

The National Restaurant Association (NRA) discovered in a study they carried out that more than 85% of patrons at restaurants are more than willing to sort out their trash before throwing it out provided recycling receptacles are present. Besides, it doesn’t take much to get these receptacles. Plus, it will save your staff from having to sort out the trash. Surely, it’s a win-win situation.

5. Hand out printed resources with practical ways to go green

Sometimes people need to be told what to do. This is part and parcel of awareness. You can list out ways in which people can go home and engage in more sustainable practices. Have handouts people can take home and implement. Alternatively create a printable PDF resource people can download from your website for easier reference.

Bonus: Pick a monthly sustainability hero

As you engage with your customers online and they share their stories on how they are making a difference in their communities, identify one person each month and name them the monthly sustainability hero. Join big name brands like British clothier Marks & Spencer who run such programs in each of their 1,380 stores.

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