How to Promote Sustainability Through Your Coffee Product

Swedish climate change activist, 16-year-old Greta Thunberg is on a drive to hold world leaders accountable for their actions and response to the imminent dangers posed by climate change. You may be aware that world leaders aren’t pulling their weight where this is concerned. However, as a business leader, you can play your part in your own sphere of influence. If you have a coffee product here are five ways you can promote sustainability.

1. Support communities that grow the coffee

It’s no secret that multinational corporations have taken advantage of the communities that grow coffee for many years now. But thankfully that’s changing. With laws in place to discourage such criminal behaviors, one sure-fire way for you to support these communities is to purchase Fair Trade coffee products. In buying Fair Trade-certified coffee products you are helping to alleviate poverty in the respective coffee growing communities, by empowering the farmers and making sure that they get a fair price for their produce, while also creating safer working conditions for the workers.

2. Invest in the communities that grow the coffee

If you support the communities that grow the coffee you’re already doing more than the millions of others who drink coffee daily without giving a thought to where it’s grown. However, there is still more than can be done. How about considering investing in these very same communities again? There are organizations that are working hard to drill boreholes in said areas so that people can access clean water. Other NGOs such as the Costa Foundation are involved in building schools that will ensure that children in these areas aren’t exploited to pick coffee instead of being in school.

3. Consider purchasing coffee products produced by women

Sustainability efforts hinge on three major pillars which are social, economic and environmental. Women farmers are often marginalized considerably in the communities in which they operate and often have limited access to resources. One way to reduce this gender inequality is by purchasing coffee products that have come from operations being run by women. The Food and Agriculture Organization states that if women received the same inputs and had access to the same resources as men, their farm yields would significantly increase by as much as 30%.

4. Make use of recycled packaging for your coffee products

Whether you’re a coffee house, coffee confectionary producer or even a coffee bean seller, there are better ways to package your coffee products. Avoid plastic packaging at all costs. We are already dealing with an over-abundance of plastic in our world, we don’t need more being produced. Think recycled paper packaging as well as packaging designed from natural materials such as jute (burlap).

5. Sell your coffee grounds to companies that produce biogas

Part of sustainability involves looking at the resources we have and looking for alternative energy sources so that we don’t deplete current resources for future generations. To this end, coffee grounds are among some of the raw materials that are being bought by companies that produce biogas as a raw material. Coffee grounds, thanks to their composition, are now being used to generate bio-fuels such as bioethanol.

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