How To Keep Improving After Your Business Goes Green

So, you took the big leap and made a conscious effort to turn your business into a green enterprise. Congratulations.

It could be that you’re operating a nearly paperless firm, you’ve got your trash all sorted and recycled regularly, and may have even swapped out all the old office equipment and replaced it with a variety of eco-friendly appliances. But now you find yourself asking, now what? What else can you do?

Not to worry, here are additional ways you can adopt to keep improving after your business goes green.

Aim to get LEED Platinum® Certified

The LEED Platinum® certification is one of the most renowned green building certifications in the world. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Businesses that have achieved this status include Facebook at their main Headquarters in Menlo Park. Facebook managed to achieve this illustrious status through its initiatives to use 100% renewable energy. Menlo Park now runs on solar thanks to the 3.6 megawatts (MW) supplied by the onsite solar grid. In addition, the tech giant went on to upgrade its heating and cooling systems and now boasts a highly efficient reticulation system.  

Invest in ISO certifications

There is always room for improvement where energy management, manufacturing processes or services are concerned. For this reason, ISO certifications exist. ISO certifications particularly those related to energy ensure that your business is operating at peak efficiency. While it’s great that you’ve started on the road to sustainability, by getting ISO 50001 Certification you prove to other stakeholders that you are ready to walk to the talk.

Consider installing blackwater treatment systems

Granted, for the average business, this might be a long-term sustainable goal. Blackwater treatment systems allow for the re-use and recycling of water around an office building. For example, filtered water coming from kitchens and toilets can be used to irrigate the surrounding landscape as is the case at Menlo Park. At the moment, Facebook’s HQ boasts the most extensive blackwater systems available in any commercial building in the state of California. It is estimated that as much as 16 million gallons of water will be processed through this treatment facility per year.  

Establish a green space for your employees

Do you have an extended roof that’s just sitting idle? Consider turning it into a green space. Not only will this area be a great place for employees to catch a break, eat lunch, or exercise, but it can help boost their productivity. In addition, you’re creating an ecosystem where other flora and fauna can thrive. Menlo Park’s roof is home to over 46 bird species. Not only is this green roof great for the environment and employees but it’s been shown to reduce the chances of flooding in the event of heavy rain as well as providing an extra layer of insulation. This keeps the building warm during the cold months and cool in summer.

Keen to learn more?

LokaBee is an online retailer that supports businesses in their efforts to run a truly sustainable enterprise. If you’re wondering about how to start, you may want to read our blog on environmental audits. In addition, there are a ton of benefits to be had by becoming more environmentally conscious. And lastly, don’t forget to check out The 5 Biggest Trends In Green Business.

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