How Eco-Friendly Online Marketplaces Are Making the World A Greener Place

How and where we shop can and does have an effect on our environment. A significant one, in fact. Research by the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics has shown that shoppers who process their transactions completely online will have half the carbon footprint of traditional shoppers. Needless to say, this is a huge advantage for the environment. With that in mind, we thought we would discuss how eco-friendly online marketplaces can help make our world greener.

Requires less driving

When you make your purchases online, you reduce your carbon footprint by not having to do any driving. With traditional shopping, you’ll have to drive to and from the physical shop. You may even need to drive around until you find what you’re looking for. However, shopping online is entirely different. You can do all your looking around online in the comfort of your own home. And when you have paid for a product, it will be delivered to you. One truck making several deliveries will allow us to have far fewer people driving around.

Deal with reputable retailers

One of the advantages of the online market is the ability to extensively research businesses. You can ensure that you are purchasing from genuine eco-friendly retailers such as LokaBee. This will help the environment even more because you’ll be purchasing genuine, traceable environmentally-friendly products. As good as online marketplaces are, not all of them are green retailers so researching the reputable ones is a must.

Sustainable business practices

Eco-friendly marketplaces also play their role by utilizing sustainable business practices. By having crystal clear green business strategies, these companies demonstrate their priorities to customers. These practices can include recycling, water and electricity conservation, and partnering with proven eco-friendly businesses. In today’s world, these kinds of strategies can also serve a business well by attracting plenty of clients.    

Promote green enterprises

Because of the financial incentives available for green practices, eco-friendly online marketplaces can motivate other businesses. With advantages such as tax breaks, rebates, and other financial benefits, businesses have plenty of reasons to adopt sustainable practices. If nothing else, this can serve to put a little pressure on established businesses. Go green or new, sustainable companies may just overtake you.

Increase awareness

As the popularity of eco-friendly retailers grows, this will inevitably lead to greater eco-consciousness in society. With more than half of consumers willing to pay more for green products, eco-friendly retailers have become more visible. This means that even people who may not necessarily be interested in this issue become more aware of the need for eco-friendly shopping. And they may even fall in love with the products and become loyal clients.

Making the world greener

We all have significant roles to play in safeguarding the future of our planet. No effort can be considered too small. Whatever we can do to make our lifestyles more eco-friendly will go a long way in making the world a greener place. Hence the need for eco-friendly online marketplaces to provide us with convenience as well as great quality, sustainable products. A green lifestyle is much easier to achieve when you have eco-friendly retailers such as LokaBee. As a business, we pride ourselves on helping you to make the transition to being more environmentally conscious. We are your one-stop-shop and marketplace of green products for both business and home.

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