How Businesses Can Be More Environmentally Conscious Beyond Recycling

As a business, what else can you do besides recycling?

What other measures can you adopt in your journey to go green? Let’s explore some of the top six environmentally conscious decisions you can make to complement your current recycling efforts.

1. Repair before your replace

We’ve been sold the idea of ‘new is best’ for so long that we don’t even think twice before purchasing a replacement. Before you rush to replace something that’s broken around the office, ask yourself if perhaps the object can be repaired instead. Our narrative needs to change from asking, ‘How soon can I buy another XYZ?’ to ‘How soon can this be repaired?’

2. Upcycle and convert into something new

Upcycling is the process of taking something that may be considered as useless and making a new product out of it. Take a look at the products you’re about to trash and see if you can find an upcycling center where you can drop them off. Or alternatively, get creative and your hands dirty by doing a little DIY around the office. You’ll be surprised by what you can repurpose.

3. Plant trees and encourage others to do so

Have you ever planted a tree? You’ll discover that very few people have actually ever planted a tree. We talk a lot about deforestation and the dreadful impact of climate change, but one very easy and actionable step we can all take to improve Mother Earth is to plant a tree. There are companies such as Pacific Shaving Company, Prestige Decanter, and Trinity Oaks that have all pledged to plant a tree for every product sold or order made. Join this noble tree-planting initiative and help make our world a greener place – no pun intended!

4. Partner up with fellow green businesses

Make it a priority to support and work with other businesses pursuing greener practices. You might even be interested in creating a network or association for local businesses in the area that support sustainable practices and ethics. In this way you can all share ideas on how businesses in the community can play a role in promoting eco-friendly policies. You might also like to consider joint-partnerships that involve doing things like planting trees together.

5. Shop wisely to reduce waste

One of the first steps in reducing the amount of waste produced by your business is to be conscious of the products you are purchasing. Are the products bio-degradable and easy to repurpose or recycle? Are you staying away from plastics and need alternatives? Here at LokaBee we pride ourselves on sourcing and selling eco-friendly products that will help your company keep waste to a minimum.

6. Start community awareness programs

Saving our planet requires all of us to be involved. It should be a combined community effort. However, it is difficult to try and fix what you do not know is broken. Therefore, raising community awareness is just as important as any of the efforts you’ll make within your own business. As part of your corporate social responsibility take it upon yourself to approach schools to teach children about the importance of taking care of our environment. It’s the small things that make the big things possible.

Where to purchase eco-friendly products for your business?

LokaBee is an online resource that stocks and sells products that have been sourced from green businesses in a sustainable manner. We are your one-stop shop and marketplace of green products.

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