Becoming a More Sustainable Seller on a Small Budget

Keeping customers happy is key to the success of any business. The importance of providing products/services that will keep customers coming back for more cannot be understated. And as people become more environmentally-conscious, many are looking for sustainable sellers.

Recent statistics show that up to 60% of consumers are willing to change their shopping habits for the environment. With this in mind, businesses need to plan for these potential changes in consumer behavior. That’s why we’ve decided to help you with a few ideas on becoming a sustainable seller without breaking the bank.

Eco-friendly packaging

Containers and packaging make up over 23% of material that ends up in US landfills. This tells us that we need to do something about packaging our products. Biodegradable packaging based on materials such as corn starch and mushrooms is a fantastic way to go. You can even design your own unique packaging making use of bioplastics or leaf plates. By using innovative green methods like this, you will easily attract attention and promote your brand as well.

Switch to green procurement

Another great way to become a more sustainable seller is to look around for suppliers that can provide eco-friendly products. By doing extensive research, you can find suppliers that will offer you sustainable products at great prices. It’s quite possible that you may end up with a local supplier that is very close to you. Another option would be to look online for reputable online retailers such as LokaBee.

Make your space green

Setting up your business in a place with plenty of natural light to reduce energy consumption can be the first green step you take. By using LED lamps and adjusting your thermostat you can also make significant energy savings. And instead of using countless disposable coffee cups, it would be a great idea for all employees to have actual coffee mugs. When it comes to cleaning, if the option is available, you should engage a green cleaning service.

Improve waste management

Better waste management methods can immediately help you become a sustainable seller. One of the things you can do is to cut down on paper use by switching to e-billing and only keeping soft copies of documents. Also, you can offer clients affordable reusable bags that come in a nice design. If you add your logo to them you can also get a little free marketing. Furthermore, instead of throwing away old office supplies, you can keep them for upcycling purposes.

Practice water conservation  

Not only is practicing water conservation great for the environment but it’s good for your bottom line as well. You’ll need to start by educating your staff on water-saving strategies. Having done that, you can also fit water-saving devices to your toilets to reduce the amount of water used. If you want to significantly reduce water usage, you can use faucet aerators. Some reports suggest that they can save more than 50% of the water that you normally use.           

Time to adapt

As the world continues to change, so too will most people’s habits. And rather than ignoring these changes, businesses need to acknowledge them and adapt accordingly. We all need to be involved with sustainable practices for the good of the planet. As such you will need good, reliable partners to link up with such as LokaBee. We are your one-stop-shop and marketplace of green products for both business and home.

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