9 Major Businesses Going Green

Big businesses have stepped up their game and are taking responsibility for building greener enterprises.

These initiatives are commendable and more businesses need to start following suit. We’re going to take a look at some of the major corporations that are saying no to harmful environmental practices and how they’ve done it.

1. Walmart

Green initiative adopted: Employing renewable sources to power up stores.

By revenue, Walmart is the world’s largest company. The multinational retail chain has over 11,389 stores across the world. Electricity consumption was a major expenditure that saw the company looking to renewable energy to power its stores.

2. Home-Depot

Green initiative adopted: Plant more trees and create products from these tress

Every year, at least 7 billion trees are cut down across the globe. The Home-Depot store introduced a policy which stated that the company would not use timber harvested from old rain forests but would plant more trees and harvest from those fields instead. Hence a major step towards becoming environmentally friendly.

3. The American Bank

Green initiative adopted: Recycle paper

The American Bank decided it was time to recycle paper and stop the cutting down of trees to meet America’s insane demand for paper which sees at least 2 million trees being felled every year for this purpose. Instead of accumulating more paper, the Bank actively embarked on the need to recycle paper and print new notes from the recycled paper.

4. Tesla Motors

Green initiative adopted: Green driving machines

Carbon emission by vehicles in the atmosphere leads to the depletion of the ozone layer. Tesla Motors has responded by designing environmentally friendly vehicles that are 100% electric. Not only are these cars effective but they lessen the rate of carbon emissions.

5. Honda  

Green initiative adopted: Environmentally-friendly cars

Honda has taken green driving to a whole new level with their hydrogen fuel cell powers FCX. This innovative solution is efficient as it reduces the amount of carbon dioxide produced by vehicles by 5%.

6. McDonalds

Green initiative adopted: Moved from foam coffee cups to double walled paper cups

McDonalds took a shift to green business through the introduction of double walled paper coffee cups. The previous coffee cups were manufactured from foam – Styrofoam to be precise. The double walled coffee cups are made from paper that is 100% recyclable.

7. Coca-Cola

Green initiative adopted: Introduced sustainable packaging

2.4 million tons of PET plastic bottles are thrown away in American every year. The Coca-Cola Company embarked on a full scale recycling program of its plastic bottles in a bid to curtail the problem of plastic pollution. The company continues to invest in sustainable packaging solutions.

8. Dell

Green initiative adopted: Recycling of computers and safe disposal of waste

Hard plastics from machines like computers, monitors and printers are some of the most difficult products to dispose of. However, in an effort to reduce this problem, Dell introduced a program of recycling its computer materials. The program was code named “no computer should go to waste”. Recycling these computers has greatly reduced the problem of plastic pollution.

9. Starbucks

Green initiative adopted: Use of recycled paper cups

Starbucks embraced and advocated for green business when it introduced its paper cups that can be further recycled to make more coffee cups.  Starbucks’ green efforts reportedly save more than 78 000 trees per year from being cut down to make paper.

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